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Gastric Sleeve

My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss in 3 Months
35 lbs

Weight Loss in 6 Months

58 lbs

Weight Loss in 1 Year



90 lbs


My Story

I was actually scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Carlton when he was with his old surgery group he was at. When I heard he was leaving to start his own practice, I followed him because I loved his bedside manner, and his approach to a healthier lifestyle. He never made me feel ashamed, but made me feel excited for a fresh start at life! I was actually one of the first patients he had at Lone Star Bariatrics. I had my pre-op visit in the office before it was officially open! Before surgery, I was very depressed, hated the way I looked, but couldn’t help but eat my feelings away. I had no motivation, I didn’t exercise, and overall I was just miserable. Because of Dr. Carlton and my sleeve surgery, I now have a completely different outlook on life! Shortly after my surgery, I found and married the love of my life. He loved me at my highest weight, and continues to love me at my skinniest weight. I also became healthy enough to become a mother and have a healthy pregnancy/delivery!

I now have the energy to chase my VERY active 2-year-old around without getting out of breath or having to stop every 5 minutes to take a breather. I have lost 100 lbs since my surgery, and it is quite literally a weight lifted off of my shoulders! My mental health has improved WONDERS. I am a much happier mom, wife, friend, employee because I now have confidence and self-esteem that I didn’t have prior to surgery.

I can’t thank Dr. Carlton enough for changing my life for the better, and for giving me an amazing experience from start to finish!