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Weight Loss in 3 Months 71 lbs
Weight Loss in 6 Months 100 lbs
Weight Loss in 1 Year NA
TOTAL LOST 135 lbs

My Story

My friend referred me to Lonestar Bariatrics. This surgery has helped me not only physically, but mentally. I am no longer on any blood pressure meds, thyroid meds, depression meds, nor do I have sleep apnea anymore. I have more energy now than ever before. I feel like a new woman, literally!

Dr. C and his staff are absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t have picked a better or more knowledgeable team. I’m forever grateful to them ALL! I’d recommend you guys 1000x over!

Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you Dr. Carlton, Allison, and the whole team for giving me my life back! Without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible.