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Do I Have a Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

What is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Back pain and back surgery are extremely common among adults. In some cases, back surgery won’t relieve pain entirely. In these instances, a person may have what is called failed back surgery syndrome (fbss).

What Causes Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

A spine surgery procedure is typically performed to ease pain by decompressing nerve roots or stabilizing joints. If a patient still experiences pain after successful surgery, it’s likely because the joint or lesion surgically operated on wasn’t the cause of the pain.

Other risks for failed back surgery include:

What Are Common Symptoms of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

After back surgery, there are important symptoms to keep in mind to help determine the success of the surgery. The symptoms are:

  • Feeling relief after the surgery, but the pain slowly comes back
  • Previous symptoms moving to a new location in the body
  • Feeling the same pain as before, and possibly more

If you think you are experiencing the symptoms of failed surgery, use our pain assessment tool to start your diagnosis.

How Is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treated?

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

If back surgery has failed there are non-surgical options to try before having more surgery to relieve pressure and pain. Each of these has its own success rate depending on the patient. It’s important to work with an expert at Texas Surgical Hospital to utilize the most effective treatment. Non-surgical options include:

  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic visits
  • Physical training
  • Steroid injections
  • Medications

Surgical Treatments for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Minimally invasive spine surgery can help to correct the other parts of the back that are causing pain with minimally invasive techniques and microscopic imaging. An expert will narrow in on the exact problem locations on the spine and tailor a surgical treatment to those conditions. The minimally invasive nature of the treatment aids in a quicker recovery.

As with any spinal condition, it’s important to seek medical advice and treatment before the condition becomes too serious. Whether non-surgical or surgical treatment, the path to a pain-free life waiting is for you. Find the right treatment for you with our treatment finder assessment.

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