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What are the Most Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain?

Each year, millions of Americans seek medical attention due to painful foot and ankle injuries or chronic medical conditions. There are many different reasons you could be experiencing foot or ankle pain, such as injury, mechanical problems, and arthritis. Some of the most common conditions that cause foot and ankle pain include:

  • Ankle Sprains — Ankle sprains are an extremely common injury that occurs when one or more ligaments have been stretched or torn. There are three types of ankle sprains depending on where the injury takes place: high, medial, and low ankle. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and instability. Repeated ankle sprains can cause arthritis.

  • Ankle Fractures — Ankle fractures occur when one or more of the bones that make up the ankle are broken, which include the tibia, fibula, and talus. Most fractures occur due to twisting or rolling the ankle or experience a fall or high-impact trauma. Symptoms of a broken or fractured ankle include severe pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness, inability to bear weight, and deformity in the ankle or foot.

  • Stress Fractures — Stress fractures refer to tiny cracks in a bone of the foot. and are most commonly caused by repetitive force, such as jumping or running long distances, as well as normal “wear and tear” and osteoporosis. Pain associated with stress fractures tends to start off minimal and worsen with time. Other symptoms include tenderness or swelling near the affected area.

  • Fifth Metatarsal Fractures (Jones Fractures) — A fifth metatarsal or Jones fracture is a common injury that occurs in the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the little toe. This type of fracture is most commonly the result of sudden injury or stress on the bone due to overuse or repetitive motions. Symptoms include pain and swelling on the outside of the foot, inability to walk or bear weight, and bruising.

If you think you are experiencing the symptoms from one of the conditions listed above, contact our Patient Advocates to schedule an appointment.

Should I Seek Medical Treatment For Foot and Ankle Hip Pain?

Minor foot and ankle pain can should typically first be addressed with more conservative treatments, such as over-the-counter pain medications, rest, and hot and cold therapy; however, in some cases, you should seek medical attention and treatment.

If at-home care has failed to provide lasting relief or if you are experiencing the following, it’s time to seek treatment from a medical professional.

  • Severe pain that is associated with a sudden injury
  • See an obvious deformity in your foot or ankle
  • Cannot move or bear on your foot and ankle
  • Pain that persists or has worsened with at-home treatments
  • Not able to perform normal daily activities, including walking
  • Have redness, pain, and swelling
  • Experiencing signs of infection such as fever or chills

As with any foot and ankle injury or condition, it’s important to seek medical advice and treatment before the condition becomes too serious. Whether non-surgical or surgical treatment, the path to a pain-free life waiting is for you.

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